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Below are some recent items I’ve written.

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  • Some features for the Kansas City Star:

Cover of Star Magazine, showing teen painting a benchThese Teens Aren’t Bench Warmers

Colorful benches, eye-catching jewelry and public murals are the most visible products of Van Go Mobile Arts Inc. in Lawrence. The real results, though, are in the critical life skills its teenage workers learn: Showing up. Showing up on time. Meeting deadlines. Taking direction….

Cover of Star Magazine: A toddler sits beside a line of exercising women on a football field's artificial turfNot Just for Jocks

It’s just minutes before 6 a.m., but hundreds of people are streaming quietly through Gate 30 of KU’s Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. It’s a mixed crowd trudging up concrete steps to enter the stands of the 1921 stadium. A young man in dreadlocks walks near a 60-ish construction contractor with a cast on his arm. A 50-something mother with her college-age daughter enter together. A few have the taut bodies of committed fitness buffs. Others have spare tires overlapping their waistbands. …

Weight-lifting judge Deborah McVey stands amid bars and weight disksWeighty Decisions

When Deborah McVey attended a local weightlifting competition in Illinois in 1973, she couldn’t have predicted that weightlifting would take her places-like Istanbul, Qatar, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing. She’ll find out this month whether another trip to Beijing is in her future, as a referee at the 2008 Olympics…

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